Living with Osteopenia

What Is Osteoporosis? Get the Facts You Need02:49
What Is Osteoporosis? Get the Facts You Need
Living with Osteopenia02:14
Living with Osteopenia
Osteoporosis Risk Factors & Symptoms03:21
Osteoporosis Risk Factors & Symptoms
Osteoporosis Screening & Prevention03:30
Osteoporosis Screening & Prevention
Osteoporosis Treatment03:17
Osteoporosis Treatment
Tips for Osteoporosis00:32
Tips for Osteoporosis
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Spotlight Osteoporosis

In this video, Janet tells her personal story about finding out she had osteopenia, which is a serious but less severe version of osteoporosis that involves mild thinning of the bone mass. Watch her talk about how she coped with the diagnosis and the steps she took to address this condition. 

When Janet turned age 60, she decided to discuss osteoporosis with her doctor.  He sent her for a bone density test, and like many did not know what to expect.  She wanted to be healthy for her family and always went to annual checkups.  However, she wasn’t diagnosed with osteoporosis, she was diagnosed with osteopenia. 

Osteopenia is a mild thinning of the bone mass, but less severe than osteoporosis.  Her doctor put her mind at ease by letting her know that most people her age have either osteoporosis or osteopenia.  He had her prescribed for a medication that is good for maintainingosteopenia, and that allow more bone to be built. 

Luckily, Janet never felt any different, but becoming aware allowed her to learn how to maintain and live with osteopenia.  As she grew older, she realized she needed more calcium, does an osteo-fitness class and does at home exercises to strengthen her body and balance. 

Janet’s advice? The earlier you start a program to take care of your body, the smarter and better it is for you.  It’s never too early.

Duration: 02:14 Last Updated On: 2016-04-01
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